Medability’s SimBone is our latest effort to make surgical training easy, cost-effective and safe. Apart from the outstanding design a lot of functional features for the trainee and convenience features for the trainer are included.
The extra light and well-thought through simulator is easy and quick to setup for spontaneous trainings anywhere.
The extremely realistically simulated medical imaging (without radiation) can be adjusted to the trainees needs and the trainer can switch back and forth between X-ray, CT and 3D in an instant with a comfortable imaging control unit.
The variety of patient cases with or without pathologies are the best in the field simulating realistic haptic feeling during procedure training.
A well-designed packaging solution makes it easy to check-in at the airport or for transportation in the car. Additional features are a user data base and a performance assessment and evaluation for certification of trainees.

On demand: Customizations can be made to integrate your instruments.


Pedicle screw insertion

Facet joint infiltration

SI joint infiltration






Daniel Seifert

Sales Manager - SI-BONE


“Simbone is an innovative training tool for simulating pedicle screw insertion. Surgeons may exercise themselves on different pathological scenarios with this dry, radiation-free and manageable device. It is definitively a way of training complementary to cadaver wet lab works"

Dr. Enrico Tessitore

Neurosurgeon - HUG