Pedicle screw insertion




"Within 2 hours it was possible to train 8 sales representatives proper cannulae placement with the Medability DuO, something that normally would take 2 months of case observations and cadaver training programs to achieve that level of proficiency."

Brad Wallace

Group Marketing Manager - Stryker


"The Medability DuO drastically shortens the learning curve. You can do training anywhere with zero radiation exposure."

Brett Maloney

VCF Brand Manager - Stryker


"200+ sales representatives were trained with the Medability simulators within 2 weeks to kick start sales of our new OsteoCoolTM RF Ablation System.”


"Every month 30+ medical doctors learn how to use the new OsteoCoolTM RF Ablation System with Medability simulators.”

Emily D. S.

US Principal Product Specialist - Medtronic


“Our doctors' training experience is nothing less than top notch. My doctors were expecting a classic cadaver course, but the simulators I believe opened a whole new world to them. Our doctors were blown away by the simulator technology to mimic accessing the vertebral body and practicing mapping/targeting tumors. We received kudos from our doctors in continuing to invest in the industry and training to develop partnerships that will open new doors/procedures for patients.“

Vic W.

US Sales Representative - Medtronic


“The simulator is a great and cost effective way to train surgeons. The tactile feel is similar to the feel of bone but it is an efficient way to teach a surgeon the safe access steps of a percutaneous procedure without compromising tactile feel and fluoro-guided image quality.“ 

Janell H.

US Sales Representative - Medtronic