Pedicle screw insertion

Position the working cannula, place the guidewire and insert screws with various screw sizes.




"200+ sales representatives were trained with the Medability simulators within 2 weeks to kick start sales of our new OsteoCoolTM RF Ablation System.”


"Every month 30+ medical doctors learn how to use the new OsteoCoolTM RF Ablation System with Medability simulators.”

Emily D. S.

US Principal Product Specialist


“Our doctors' training experience is nothing less than top notch. My doctors were expecting a classic cadaver course, but the simulators I believe opened a whole new world to them. Our doctors were blown away by the simulator technology to mimic accessing the vertebral body and practicing mapping/targeting tumors. We received kudos from our doctors in continuing to invest in the industry and training to develop partnerships that will open new doors/procedures for patients.“

Vic W.

US Sales Representative


“The simulator is a great and cost effective way to train surgeons. The tactile feel is similar to the feel of bone but it is an efficient way to teach a surgeon the safe access steps of a percutaneous procedure without compromising tactile feel and fluoro-guided image quality.“ 

Janell H.

US Sales Representative