Medical Simulators

We are experts in creating medical simulators for marketing and education in the field of image-guided minimally-invasive procedures.

        Key Values

  • High quality training anywhere
  • Rapid introduction of instruments
  • Training costs reduction


"By using the Medability system, a surgeon can accomplish 90% of the learning curve outside the operating theatre, reducing the risk for the patient. A cadaver could never do the same! It's awesome!"

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Kurth

Co-Inventor of STAR Tumor Ablation System

"The Medability simulators help Medtronic improve the quality of our physician and sales education programs, while reducing the costs associated with cadaveric training.”

Nate P.

US Principal Product Specialist

"Medtronic ensures high quality training of the OsteoCoolTM RF Ablation System by using Medability simulators.“

Travis N.

Global Director